cyber safety

!. dont follow anyone on Twitter that you don’t know and dont friend anyone you dont know on facebook

when people say they are your age and you dont know them dont trust them and just ignore them

when you make any social media site your privacy settings are automatic public so be sure to change it

dont date or go out with anyone you have not met before.

animal engineering

i created an animal that is perfectly adapted to its life on maailma
  • its size: medium
  • how it moves: fins on both sides
  • how will it catch food: long tongue and fins as hands
  • how will it keep warm: thick scales
  • where will it shelter: in underwater caves.
  • how will it protect/defend itself from attackers: it has spikes to defend and attack


maailma:              this planet is dark and cold most of the time. it is very mountainous. it rains almost all day because of the wet, dark conditions, the only plants that grow well are small mosses and fungus’s. animals on this planet include a type of mouse, a large nocturnal hunting cat, fish and a variety of insects.

how much will dissolve in 100ml of water?

temp             number of sugar cubes

30                 10

40                 14

50                 13

60                 13

70                 26

80                33

90                37

what we did:seen how hot it takes to dissolve as much sugar cubes on the temperature given

why we did it:we did this task for a task in science

what where the results:the results are above at the top ^^^^^^^^

what was interesting:the thing i found interesting was that the sugar popped in the water